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Advantages of LWC


  • Easy to learn as it has no framework like Aura and uses the web standard.
  • Better Performance renders faster.
  • Light Weighted
  • No additional framework required.
  • Better Security and has two-way data binding which gives control of how data moves between components.
  • It uses more out-of-the-box features and eventually less customization is required.
  • It gives the power to imports.
  • Can develop enterprise applications easily.
  • Give the ability to reuse components and thus prevent from using the same code multiple times.

Important points to be noted

  • We can embed LWC in Aura Components but Aura cannot be embedded in LWC.
  • Lightning Web Components will not replace the Aura Components. They’ll continue to exist.
  • Aura and LWC can coexist on the same page layout.