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Features of LWC


  1. Native browser API
    LWC uses web standards which makes it better performant as it uses web stack features implemented in native browsers, unlike Aura framework, which needed a proprietary component model, proprietary language extensions, and proprietary modules.

  2. Supports Modern JavaScript
    LWC uses modern JavaScript; since 2015, JavaScript underwent significant changes, which have made things easier for developers. In addition, LWC uses ECMAScript 6 and above, giving the developers an upper hand to lots of features that make their life easy, such as modules, classes, template literals, arrow functions, and much more.

  3. Time-Saving
    With LWC, very few code lines are required compared to Aura, which saves a lot of critical time and empowers developers to maximize productivity and minimize the complexities involved in building use-cases.

  4. Portability
    As LWC is open source and uses web standards, you can easily use it in a non-Salesforce runtime environment, i.e., you write your code on a platform and use it elsewhere.

  5. Easy to ramp
    Unlike Aura, Components LWC has no additional framework; this makes the transitions a lot easier.